.....dog & puppy training the fun way


You have reached the kennels of our top class dog training center - for quality dog training with positive reinforcement

We pride ourselves in using positive and fun methods to teach You to teach your pooch manners and basic obedience. Our qualified instructors love what they do - and it shows in the many Happy Tails we welcome every Saturday.

We offer a wide variety of training classes, from the oh so vital puppy socialisation, to the better educated "Canine Good Citizen". For those who just want to have fun, we invite you to join our nose work group or weekly D.I.P. group - drop in play under supervision. D.I.P. is a new concept here in South Africa and a wonderful alternative to doggy parks. At D.I.P. we make sure that dogs playing together, actually match in size, temperament and even age, and that your precious friend only makes new friends.

We also offer individual behavior modification session: when you are at the end of your wits, we will take over and help you and Rover back together again.