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This page is for people training at our school. Instead of bombarding you with papers, brochures, CD's and whatever else you might forget you have - here you can choose what you would like to read and which information is relevant to you and your dog.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the training center rules and regulations please.

Puppy Guides

Behaviour Blueprints

House Rules

Problem Behaviours

Problem behaviours are usually behaviours that are pretty normal for a dog but unacceptable in our life and home. Dogs are born on a different planet and when their space ship lands in our home, we expect them to live according to our rules. But they first have to learn these rules and have to be taught appropriate behaviour. We teach these behaviours in our classes, and we teach you to channel your dog's manners into the right direction.


Should you experience behaviours such as aggression, fence fighting, leash reactivity, excessive digging, chewing, etc, please contact us urgently for behaviour modification sessions. These are usually scheduled in your home so that we can observe the dog in the surrounding where the behaviour occurs. Do not try and modify any of these problems by yourself or via an internet advice. You wouldn't use the internet to operate on your children, either, would you?

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