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  1. I have learned how to train and work with our dogs, using compassion, kindness and a great deal of good sense, from the very knowledgable Petra du Toit, owner and chief trainer of Happy Tails Dog Training school. The knowledge that has been gained over the years since we started with the school is beyond wealth, and the results are simply amazing. A great big thank you to Petra and the other trainers.

  2. Just want to say what a pleasure it has been being part of the Happy Tails group. Our time in Puppy Class was an excellent experience for Huckleberry and helped him come out of his shell more than I expected. Petra has helped me push myself and think outside my dog training box.. thank you Petra! Tanja’s online videos are super fun to watch and are inspiring me to reach for the next level .. Thank You Happy Tails team for keeping us inspired and on our toes during the lockdown. Can’t wait to get back and see what our future holds together.

  3. I was looking for a training school, that was not making use of the conversional way of training dogs.
    Happy Tails was recommended to me. I started off with training my adult dog, and got involved with Caring Friends Therapy dogs. Puppy training really interested me, and I started to assist with puppy training. Attended some training classes Petra offered for puppy trainers. I was a puppy trainer for approximately 8 years, I trained three of my own personal dogs, during this period.
    I learnt a lot about the correct way in caring for your puppies, and to allow them to become stable, socialised and well behaved fur babies in your home, in town, or at doggy walks.
    The Happy Tails team, is a family of members, who not only teach people on how to train their dogs, but make the classes fun, interactive, and apply real life scenarios. Training is dynamic, and gets adjusted to ensure the person and their dog, get assisted in finding the best way to train their dog

  4. Beginning of March 2018 I joined Petra du Toit from Happy Tails Dog Training to assist me in training my young Doberman Katya Liebe. Petra and her team were really very dedicated and passionate about assisting me to train my very sensitive young dobie. Petra’s training focussed on each puppy as an individual and each puppy and owner were challenged to improve at their own pace. Petra’s extensive knowledge of positive dog training methods and gradual training steps helped me to train Katya Liebe to be a really loving, happy and well behaved family member and therapy dog. I wish I had met her years ago when I had my other 2 dobermans, things could have been so much different for them.

    Cecily Kühn

  5. We had an excellent time @HappyTailsGardenRoute. Petra has so many years of knowledge behind her in industry.
    Her Puppy Classes are filled with fun and great communication between Petra, me and my puppy. We have graduated from Puppy classes and are look forward to take the next step in training. As a big breed owner I want to be able to handle my GSD in any situation and Petra will be journeying with us to achieve our goal. Thank you Petra for sharing your knowledge and heart with us.
    Your inputs and excellence has made a big difference in our lives.
    May be an image of 1 person and dog

  6. Weereens baie baie dankie vir tanniese geduld.ek waardeer dit baie. Rerif, want ek moet se ek het nieeers 50% ingesit in die hele storie nieen tannie was geduldig. Ek se vir tannie baie baie dankie

  7. It is such a pleasure having them rustig out of my way while I’m cooking. Thank you 🙏🏾 so much for this tip!

    Robin Dyers with Osiris (Ozzy & Isis)

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