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  • Foundations of Clicker Training

    Clicker training is a great way to teach behaviours that can be quite complex. And while science it clear that it is NOT a faster way to train dogs than without, it certainly teaches you as dog owner to focus on the task at hand. You will learn to recognise the correct behaviours in your dog and to reward appropriately.

    A clicker in training is used as a marker – something that tells your dogs that the behaviour he was offering a split second before the click, is what is being rewarded. Clear communication between owner and dog is the basis for successful training and a clicker is a fantastic tool to achieve this

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  • Sale!

    Good Dog – Level 1

    Full training course over 6 weeks to teach your dog how to be good.

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  • Leave It!

    Mini course to teach a dog to “Leave It!”

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  • Rapid Recall

    Mini course of 5 lessons to help you get your dog come back to you.

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  • Teenager Course

    Your next step after completing our Puppy Foundations Course. Your puppy has undergone nursery school – you have started building a bond and you get to know each other. But all of a sudden, your sweet pup is developing a mind of her own, she forgets everything ever learned and she ignores you. Other dogs and the world outside is so much more fun and so much more important and you cannot believe you ever did any training together

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