We have recognised the need for companion dog training and specialise in exactly that. Many dog training schools and centers focus on competition and professional training, which is way too “high” for the loving pet owner family. Most dog owners desire a well mannered companion at home, that has basic obedience skills and is a pleasure to have around. Our classes are designed to offer just that. Our puppy and CGC courses start every 1st Saturday of the month, so don’t miss out


Our puppy classes are generally 6 weeks long and focus mainly on socialisation and socialising (yes, there is a difference). The ideal age to start training your pup to become a stable member of our society, starts at the age of 5 weeks – yes, it’s that early. For health and safety reasons, though, we can only accommodate your pup after its second vaccination. You will learn to teach your puppy how to sit, lie down, come when called, stay, and walk nicely on leash. And this all in a fun way without harsh method – so remember to bring a bag of super yummy treats. 

Most of our puppies that graduated as Super Pup, are still emotionally and developmentally too young to be integrated into the Canine Good Citizen Class. Their attention span and concentration ability is not sufficient to stay focussed during a 45 minute training session. This lack of attention is often a huge frustration to the owners who wish to see results, which the puppy is unable to give. This is why we offer this group for doggie teenagers from the age of 6 – 12 months, to keep the puppy in the learning process but not to overwhelm it with requirements it cannot meet. In this group, we continue with basic exercises as learnt in puppy class, to give puppy and owner the confidence to handle the basics. Once your dog has matured enough, it may move to the CGC course and also graduate after 6 weeks.
This class also runs over 2 months and is designed for new dog handlers whose dogs are older than 6 months and cannot join the puppy course anymore. Petra supervises these handlers personally and prepares them for joining theTeenager or CGC groups. Your dog will learn basic manners and you will be prepped in dog handling and communication. From here, depending on your dog’s age, you will either join the teenager group, or the CGC class for further advancement of your training.
This course is for the handler and dog team that have built a relationship already by attending our puppy or teenager classes. The course is based on the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) guidelines and offer real life values for handler and dog. Once our trainers are satisfied that you and your dog fulfill the requirements, you may apply to grade your dog as Canine Good Citizen. Gradings take place every twice a year under a qualified KUSA judge.
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)